Saturday, January 24, 2015

Help ILA and IRC help students in need

Read and Feed is a new initiative from International Literacy Association (ILA) (Formerly International Reading Association/IRA) dedicated to bringing literacy opportunities for students living in low-income situations. They have selected Louisiana and Illinois to launch the program, and IRC has taken point to ensure that the program is successful and reach students in need. IRC has partnered with the State Board and selected a target school as a pilot. More information will be coming soon, but YOU can help now!

First Book has signed on with ILA to provide 40,000 free books for the Read and Feed program if ILA can sign up 2,000 eligible educators/teachers in First Book Resources.

First Book Resources help to:
      Elevate the quality of literacy programs.
      Enrich the learning experience for children in need.
      Enable teachers to create new curricula.
      Impart a love of reading to children.

Schools eligible to receive First Book must have at least 70 percent of their enrolled children from low-income families and receive:
First Book marketplace which offers new books at 50 - 90% off retail prices.
First Book National Book Bank which offers free books (pay only for shipping)
Book grants through First Book's local advisory boards

Please help by accessing 

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